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Do you want to write great texts and feel good doing it? Realizing your writing and publishing dreams doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You just need some Passionate Writer Coaching! Schedule a meeting with me to discuss your needs or scroll down for more.

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You can keep doing what you’re doing and keep feeling the same way. Or I can help you feel more confident and happy about your writing future!

Susanne Schotanus of Passionate Writer Coaching

Wouldn’t it be great if instead of spending all that time second-guessing yourself, you could ask an expert what you can change to get better? Wouldn’t you rather feel confident about the way you organize yourself and your writing, and happy in the knowledge that you produced the best text you possibly can? 

This is possible for you! All you need is some Passionate Writer Coaching. 

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I know how hard it can be to not lose faith when ADHD is trying to hold you back from achieving your goals.

Not only do I have ADHD myself, I have helped hundreds of writers clarify and achieve their writing goals through writer coaching, editing, book proposal services and ghostwriting. For this, I’ve relied on my knowledge of how ADHD affects the writing process, the publishing industry, and what makes a great text. 

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I am always happy to meet new ADHD writers, which is why I’ve made it super simple to start working with me. These are the steps:


Schedule a meeting using my scheduling tool;


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I’ll take care of everything else.

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I know that you’re the kind of person who wants to feel proud to call themselves a writer. When someone asks about your writing project, you want to be excited to tell them all about it, instead of being stuck with all this shame. 

In order to get there, however, we need to find a way to tackle your self-doubt, which makes you feel insecure, disappointed with yourself and filled with embarrassment and shame. If your self-doubt constantly makes you feel like writing is hard, and everyone has got this writing-thing figured out except you, you need some Passionate Writer Coaching.

I believe that realizing your writing and publishing dreams doesn’t have to be overwhelming – and it definitely doesn’t have to be done in isolation. I know how hard it can be to not lose faith when ADHD is trying to hold you back from achieving your writing goals. But I now how to help you work through this! Not only do I have ADHD myself, I have helped hundreds of clients clarifying and achieve their writing goals. 

Here’s how it works. 

If you schedule a meeting with me using my easy scheduling tool, and show up for that meeting, I will take care of everything else. What’s more: the first meeting is free and I will not put any pressure on you to work with me. In fact, I will be very clear about whether I think I can help you or not! 

So schedule your first meeting to discuss your challenges and needs, so you can stop rewriting the same pages forever and start feeling confident an happy about your writing future.