ADHD theming for your schedule: how to get productive!

Many ADHD writers I coach feel overwhelmed. They have a long list of fantastic ideas, but they struggle with multitasking, task switching and decision fatigue. So how can you make sure to spend time on every part of your life that's important to you, despite those challenges? Here's where ADHD…


Academic writing: 5 things no one told you

In my work with academics, I'm often told: wow, no one explained this to me before! Many academics are taught to do research. They are taught how to use one style to reference their sources. But not much attention is given to the actual writing of academic texts! And it's…


Developmental Editing – Author Resources

There are so many author resources out there that it is sometimes hard to know where to start. In this Author Resources series, I help you out, by recommending some of my favorite books for (aspiring) writers. In this installment, I present to you: “Developmental Editing”. Reasons to read Developmental…


Memoir editing: the balance between heart and mind

This story is so personal, how can you trust anyone else with it? And how can anyone else possibly make your personal story better? Why would you even need memoir editing at all? I'll tell you all about that later, but first, let's talk about what memoir actually is.