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Do you have a long list of unfinished projects and wish you could just realize your academic potential? You’ll want my help as an ADHD Academic writing coach. 

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Hi, I am Susanne, your ADHD Academic writing coach.

If you are an academic with ADHD, you probably have a lot of great ideas, but…

  1. You know that if you want to move forward in your career, you need to write and publish more;
  2. You feel embarrassed whenever anyone asks you about your projects;
  3. As the disappointment and self-doubt keep building up, it becomes harder and harder to achieve your goals.

I believe that ADHD academics, because of their often expansive way of thinking, are perfectly equipped to make great contributions to their fields. That is why it’s a shame that your ADHD slows you down and convinces you that you will never be able to live up to your potential! 

But with my help as your ADHD academic writing coach, you will be able to realize your academic goals and build a list of publications you can be proud of. 

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ADHD writing challenges I help people with

Though I am sure your challenges and circumstances are unique, there are some common problems that many ADHD academics struggle with, such as:

  1. Prioritizing writing when everything else seems more urgent;
  2. Setting and achieving manageable goals;
  3. Planning and time management;
  4. Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD)
  5. Figuring out the lit review.

These challenges can cause serious roadblocks on the way to your writing success. But it’s not your fault you have ADHD. And with support and the right tools (and writing coaching), you can still be a successful writer in your own book. 

Would you like to talk to me about your personal challenges? Just click the button to go to my scheduling tool. During our first writer coaching session, we can talk it all through.

What ADHD writers tell me before we start working together

“I have a long list of projects and I don’t know which one to focus on first.”

“I would love to be able to write one day, but I am in a state of paralysis and fear when it comes to writing.”

“I’m feeling utterly buried under the amount of work I have done over the last two decades, most of which has not made its way out into the world.”

“I’m great at helping others, but I just spin my wheels when doing my own projects.”

Is this you? I can help! Just schedule a meeting to start the conversation!

What you'll get with an ADHD Academic writing coach


Though many ADHD academics feel isolated, you no longer have to do this alone! I will be there to support you and help you improve your writing practice through writing coaching.


Do you know how it's easier to prioritize projects you're collaborating on than to work on your own papers and books? Meeting with me will give you the accountability you need.


Together, we'll find out through experimentation which solutions are and aren't able to help you increase your productivity to achieve your goals. That's what my writing coaching is all about.

What will the first meeting be like?

I understand that it might be stressful to just schedule an ADHD academic writing coach meeting with a complete stranger. So I thought I’d tell you a little bit about what to expect during our first meeting. 

    • The better part of the conversation will be about you. I’ll ask questions about your project(s), your struggles, your hopes and your dreams. There’s no need to prepare for this, I just want to hear your story.
    • After I have gained a better understanding of where you are and where you want to be, we’ll talk about how I can best help you and what academic writing coaching can help you achieve.
    • There will also be plenty of opportunities for you to ask me any and all questions you might have. 

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Testimonials from other ADHD academics

Frequently Asked Questions

How can ADHD Academic writer coaching help me?

As an ADHD academic writing coach, I help students, PhD candidates, affiliated academics and independent researchers achieve their goals. I can assist you through the entire process, from conception to submission. 

What are your academic writing coach rates?

I understand that grants don’t grow on trees. Therefore, I try to keep my coaching fees affordable for people who do not have wealthy institutions backing them. You can find the details about my adhd writer coaching rates here

Can you help me get published?

If you schedule your first free coaching session, we can discuss in detail which steps you’ll need to take to get your research out. Let me be your academic publishing coach, who helps you finish and submit all the papers you’ve been procrastinating on. Just click the button on the bottom of your screen or go directly to my scheduling tool

Do you have any other questions? You can ask me all your questions during our free meeting. Follow this link to jump to the scheduling tool. 

With my support and insights, you will be able to live up to your potential and build an impressive list of publications – not despite, but in collaboration with your ADHD.


As an ADHD Academic writing coach, I try to keep things as simple and affordable as possible.

Intake meeting


Your first intake meeting is completely free.

1 hour of coaching


For every hour of video coaching, I charge the same price.

10 hours of coaching


If you order 10 sessions, you get 1 hour for free.

As I live in Europe, I charge in Euros. If you want to know how much I charge in your own currency, use the currency converter on my price list page.

And don’t worry about having to do maths whenever you need to pay me. My payment systems are designed with international ADHD academics in mind! 

About Passionate Writer coaching

How you can work with me

I’m always happy to meet new ADHD academics. That’s why I’ve made it super simple to start working with me. There are three simple steps:


Schedule a meeting using my scheduling tool;


Show up for the meeting;


I’ll take care of everything else.

How I make it easy to work with me as an ADHD Academic writing coach

I know that working with an ADHD academic writer coach may seem a bit daunting. That’s why I have made my Passionate Writer Coaching business as ADHD-friendly as I possibly can. 

I will not add to your ADHD tax

Having ADHD costs money. Every time you have to pay a late fee on a bill you missed, or have to pay for a meeting you slept through, that is considered an “ADHD tax.” And the last thing I want to do is punish you for having ADHD!

If you forget to pay me, I’ll send you a friendly reminder. I will not, however, charge you an extra fee. The same is true for our writer coaching meetings: I will not charge you extra for that session if you miss one and apologise (I do appreciate it when people respect my time). As I said: it’s not your fault you have ADHD and we’ve all been there. I understand. 

What if you miss your deadlines?

Though our writing coaching meetings will give you accountability – extra motivation to keep making progress on your writing project – I am completely aware that as someone with ADHD your progress will never be consistent. That is why I will not judge you if you miss a milestone or deadline. Instead, I’ll approach any missed milestone with curiosity. In our writing coaching sessions, together, we can find out why you didn’t manage to do what you set out to do, and find solutions to remove your roadblocks in the future. That is how as an ADHD academic writer coach I can help you treat your own progress with compassion and understanding, rather than shame and guilt. 

What if it doesn’t work for you?

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Your brain and your life are different than anyone else’s. So that is why I don’t have a standard writing coaching program that I follow with each of my clients. 

Instead, we will design a writer coaching program together based on your specific goals and challenges. Depending on your needs, we can use each ADHD academic writer coaching session to rearrange your schedule, introduce new habits, break down your goal into smaller milestones, talk through your ADHD-specific (mental) roadblocks, think through the next section you are going to write, or discuss in-depth what the publishing process will look like. 

We can change our approach on a meeting-to-meeting basis. But if it still doesn’t work for you, we can either pause or stop our ADHD academic writer coaching sessions and part as friends. I do not demand a long-term writing coaching commitment from you. I am here to help you, not the other way around. 

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