Story Genius: write powerful novels with purpose

In both my coaching and editing, I have found that there is one key ingredient that can lift anyone's writing practice to the next level: getting clear on your purpose. When you know what you want to achieve with your writing, that will be your motivational engine, keeping you going…


ADHD writers: The four main struggles

Most of the writers I coach have ADHD. They are incredibly creative and always think outside of the box—which is an amazing quality to have as a writer. However, when they find me, these ADHD writers are often quite unhappy with themselves, their abilities, and their productivity. Help for ADHD…


Writer peptalks – Author resources

As you'll probably know: writing can be hard. Every writing project has different phases, different stages of the process. Some of these stages are harder than others. I myself, like many neurodivergent people, have a hard time finishing things. Others might get stuck in research. And yet others might not…


Memoir editing: the balance between heart and mind

This story is so personal, how can you trust anyone else with it? And how can anyone else possibly make your personal story better? Why would you even need memoir editing at all? I'll tell you all about that later, but first, let's talk about what memoir actually is.