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Get non-stop support in a small group with an ADHD writing coach, while you finally finish that writing project! Book your intake meeting now.
  • Continuing to make progress week after week
  • Prioritizing your own writing projects
  • Paralysis and fear when it comes to writing
  • Motivating yourself to keep going

This group coaching program can help! Just schedule your free intake meeting now. 

I get it, writing can be isolating!

But it doesn’t have to be this way! After working with hundreds of ADHD writers from all over the world, I have found that support and guidance can go a long way to making the writing process more joyful and productive. 

Is this you? I can help! Just schedule a meeting to start the conversation!

Over and above being extremely good at her craft, she is patient, funny, and kind, not to mention a fountain of inspiration and encouragement. 

– Ian

I really recommend hiring Susanne – it will be life-changing! And I don’t mean it in a rainbowy way, but more in a “you don’t know what you are actually capable of even if you have an ‘unnormal brain’ kind of way!!”

– Sinem


As an ADHD writer coach, I try to keep things as simple and affordable as possible.

Intro price

150 per month

This is a special introduction price for the first five sign-ups. So schedule your meeting now if you want the opportunity to get this discounted price!

Standard price

200 per month

This is the standard price for the ADHD writing coaching group program

As I live in Europe, I charge in Euros. If you want to know how much I charge in your own currency, use the currency converter on my price list page. And don’t worry about having to do maths whenever you need to pay me. My payment systems are designed with international ADHD writers in mind! 

About Passionate Writer coaching

How it works

I’ve made it as simple as possible to work with me. 


Schedule your intake meeting

Click the button below to jump to the intake form. Here, you can schedule a half hour meeting in which we can discuss whether you’re a good fit. 


Pay to reserve your spot

Pay the first month in advance, using the link I’ll send you, to reserve your spot. Do this as soon as possible for a chance to increase your chances of qualifying for the intro discount. 


Join the community

When the group starts in August, you’ll receive a Google invitation to join the first meeting. 

About the group program

I have found that ADHD writers do a lot better when they not only have an expert ADHD writing coach to guide them through the process of managing their brains, but if they also have a supportive, inclusive community of other ADHD writers to share their challenges with. Nothing feels like more of a relief than to realize you’re not the only one to struggle with these challenges, and that you don’t have to do it alone. So join the group now!

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