On this page, you’ll find my price list. 

Scroll down to find the prices split out between Coaching, Editing, Full book proposal and Book proposal elements.

     – Susanne

First session: free
1 coaching session: € 75 per hour*
10 coaching sessions: € 675*

These editing fees are for texts up to 10.000 words (appr. 35 pages). If you want my help with an entire book, I will be able to offer you a discounted price.

Editorial review: € 0,09 per word*

Developmental Editing: € 0,05 per word* **
Content editing: € 0,03 per word* **
Copy editing: € 0,02 per word* **

Index: € 3,00 per index-able page

Full book proposal

Final checks proposal: € 40
Edit complete proposal: € 160
Proposal coaching: € 300*
Writing the proposal: starting at € 375*


Book proposal add-ons

Query letter edit: € 40**
Query letter writing: € 75
Target audience: € 75
Competitive titles: €75
Agent/publisher research: € 250 for 10 reports**
Edit sample chapter: € 0,03 per word* **

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How can you place an order?

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, using the contact form below. 

If you want to meet me before hiring, and you’re ready to schedule your first free session, just click the button at the bottom of your screen or visit this page

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– Susanne

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Just a couple of notes:
*All prices are negotiable. Especially for lengthy texts or the financially less fortunate author, exceptions can always be made. Don’t let the financial aspect stand in the way of your passionate writing: just contact me to start a conversation. 

** For developmental, structural and copy editing, for the second round or form of editing on the same document I will charge only 50% of the second fee