Passionate Writer Coaching: officially a business!

Even though I’ve been working with clients for three months (as you can see on the testimonials page), in some ways Passionate Writer Coaching was nothing more than a website until this point. And I was just Susanne, a freelancer. I had set up everything to get a company off the ground during a Covid lockdown. But I had not started building on that infrastructure. However, all that is about to change!


Passionate Writer Coaching is born

I’m not sure how things work in the country you reside in. But in the Netherlands, if you want to start a business you have to go to the Kamer van Koophandel. This literally translates to Room of Buy-trade, but is just a funny way of saying “Chamber of Commerce.”

Now, as I always do, and teach my clients to do, I had set goals and made a plan. Using my tried-and-true honeycomb system, I colored in a shape for every €100 I made. And I told myself that as soon as I had colored in all the shapes, I would make it official.

All this is to say: it happened. I reached my goals within three months. Then, I went online, filled out the paperwork, went to my mandatory meeting and here we are: Passionate Writer Coaching has officially been born!

And this means that over the next few months, I’m about to make some changes to this website. Keep an eye out: there’s more to come!