CLOSED! Productivity coaching group for ADHD writers

“I will be able to write this summer,” is probably the sentence I hear most throughout the year. So many people put all their hopes of writing productivity on these few sun-filled weeks. However, with so much pressure on these weeks, writers often end their summers incredibly disappointed with themselves. Whether it’s because of a lack of structure, too much fun had in the sun, or unexpected things happening – the summer is never as productive as they hoped it would be. HOWEVER, this year can be different! Just join the Productivity Coaching Group for ADHD writers!

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Who is this for?

You are...

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The Productivity Coaching Group is for ADHD writers who want to have an incredibly productive summer. 

Because we’ll be focusing on productivity strategies for ADHD – and not writing craft – this program is open for everyone who has a writing goal this summer, including (in no particular order): 

  • Novelists
  • Non-fiction authors
  • Memoirists
  • Academics
  • Essayists
  • Journalists
  • Playwrights
  • Screenwriters
  • Bloggers

Please note: copywriters etc are also welcome, though some of the focus will be on long-form texts. 

You do not need to have a formal diagnosis to join this program. If you experience challenges often associated with ADHD writers, you are more than welcome. 

About the productivity coaching group

Quick facts


The productivity coaching group is designed to help a small group of writers learn how to manage their ADHD brains to make this summer the most productive one yet.

What to expect

Organized around weekly themes, during the 4+ weeks of the group coaching program we’ll work on managing your ADHD-specific challenges and achieve the summer writing goals you’ve set for yourself.

On Monday, you’ll receive the exercise for the week, which we’ll review in the Friday group video call. In addition to your experiences with the exercise, we’ll also talk about any challenges you may have experienced. Together, the coach (me) and the other writers in the group will help you find a way to tackle these challenges and keep going.

Throughout the week, you have the opportunity to share daily achievements and struggles in the group chat. Here, we will discuss smaller strategies and help you celebrate your daily successes!

At the end of the Productivity Coaching Group, you will…

  • Feel great about your progress this summer;
  • Understand how to increase your own productivity; 
  • Know how your ADHD is keeping you from your writing goals;
  • Have experienced you’re not the only one with your productivity challenges;
  • Be in touch with a group of other ADHD writers; 
  • Finally feel supported and understood. 

The program


On this first Monday, you’ll receive a worksheet to help you set your goals for the month . On Friday, we’ll have a one-hour video call with the group to discuss your goals and get ready for the writing month. 

In Week 2, we’ll work on finding the perfect time and place for you to write.  Can you find patterns in your mood and behaviour that can help you create a perfect writing schedule? Are there habits and routines you can put in place to make yourself more productive? This week’s exercises and group coaching session will help you answer these questions. 

In week 3, we’ll work on ways to manage your fears. Many fears can keep you from writing, from fears of beginnings or endings, perfection or failure, and hundreds more. In this week’s exercises and coaching session, we’ll investigate and explore your fears, and learn ways to reduce their power over your productivity. 

In the last week (and a bit) of this program, we’ll start looking at the finish line. Finishing things is often one of the big challenges for an ADHD brain. Endings are scary, change is hard, and we’re often distracted by something else way before the end anyway. This week, therefore, we’ll learn the tools needed to FINISH STRONG!

Next steps

This coaching group is now closed. 

If you’d like to schedule a 1-on-1 coaching call with me, use the scheduler below.