Working with Susanne is an enjoyable, supportive experience

I love working with Susanne. She has got all my writing projects back on track, and has helped me immensely with all the things that my messy, chaotic, brain can't really handle - like planning and organisation. She is supportive but not afraid to give constructive feedback and suggestions when…

you don’t know what you are actually capable of

really recommend hiring Susanne - it will be life-changing! And I don't mean it in a rainbowy way, but more in a "you don't know what you are actually capable of even if you have an "unnormal brain" kind of way!!

A Safe and Critical Space

Susanne has been like a calm and wise anchor, holding my hand, supporting me to work through practical obstacles as well as providing a space to talk about the nitty gritty of ideas and structure - I've been surprised at how sensitive, engaged and interested Susanne has been in these.

Life Changing…I’m so grateful to Susanne

In every session there is at least one (and often many) "gold nugget" that is just what I needed. I've gotten writing again, made headway on building my own practice, and even made peace with unresolved pain from my ADHD past.

Incredible editor and writing coach for newbie authors!

In addition to her professionalism, it became crystal clear to me that she personally wanted this project to succeed. If I had started out with Susanne 7 years ago, we could have shaved 2-3 years off of this process, additionally saving me many (many) thousands of dollars!

fear holding me back from academic writing goals

Her support has created space for me to finally delve into a topic that I previously had been avoiding: understanding the fear holding me back from achieving my writing goals.  As I continue on this journey, I can’t wait to see what ‘ahas’ will come next! 

Susanne has helped me to find confidence as a writer

Susanne understands my brain in a way that no other writing mentor has. Since working with her, I have released so much shame about my abilities. Adhd is not my enemy. Perfectionism is. And she helps me to understand I do not need to be perfect to be a great writer.