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you don’t know what you are actually capable of

Before I started working with Susanne I was really struggling with getting my work done and felt constantly overwhelmed by my ADHD symptoms.
My to-Do list was never-ending and I never felt like I actually achieved something. Once I started the coaching, I felt a big relief: Susanne knew exactly how I felt and more importantly offered me solutions to handle things differently. As someone who struggles with tasks and big projects it was life-changing to learn how to break down big tasks into smaller tasks but also make yourself aware of important life areas that you really want to pay tribute to every day. I didn’t just want to work, I also wanted to have time for self-care, my own writing and my family. Slowly I started to organize things differently and actually could feel the difference in the mornings when I woke up. No anxiety any more about my to-Do list, no procrastination or at least very little of it and wondering why I get things done in 3 hours instead of spending days and sometimes weeks (!) on one task. Most surprising was for me how absolutely well-organized the coaching process is and how everything is dealt with in such a professional yet empathetic way. I really recommend hiring Susanne – it will be life-changing! And I don’t mean it in a rainbowy way, but more in a “you don’t know what you are actually capable of even if you have an “unnormal brain” kind of way!! Thank you for being there for me Susanne!

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