I’m Convinced Susanne Can Help Anyone WIth Their Writing Goals (and Issues Around Writing)

I have always had massive anxiety around writing. I struggled with reading/writing when I was young, and though eventually people said I was a good (even sometimes a great) writer by university, I still had my insecurities. Susanne has helped me identify my multitude of writing goals and reasonable ways to achieve them. She even helped with how to schedule my writing and helped identify some of my executive functioning issues I was having around writing or said scheduling. As an AU-ADHDer, I felt many people in the past couldn’t understand where I was struggling or how to break down projects in ways that my neuro-divergent mind could actually comprehend. It’s amazing feeling understood, while still being guided towards my goals.

Not only is Susanne a great editor but she also is good at helping you get the ideas out and on the page. I have many different types of writing projects that I am working on, and can feel overwhelmed with all that I want to accomplish, but Susanne helps break it up into manageable portions. I have a friend (who was the one that referred me to Susanne) and we talk after our sessions about how we know it’s not therapy but feels so therapeutic working with her. After working with neuro-typical people and how they would expect one to work, it’s such a breath of fresh air to have someone who understands the ADHD brain and have better tools and methods to help complete projects.

Wherever you are in your writing goals I’m sure Susanne can help. Whether it’s a book, podcast, PhD or even a blog post, Susanne can help you complete your writing goals. She is very easy to schedule with no matter where you are in the world. For example, I work with her all the way from Los Angeles, California.

Overall, I am so grateful for the work we have done together. I look forward to each meeting and know that I will get my writing goals completed, amazingly edited, and have more understanding and compassion for how my brain gets to those finish lines.

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