CLOSED! Divergent novelists group coaching for ADHD writers

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Many ADHD writer coaching clients I work with feel rather isolated. Not only do they experience what most authors do – writing for weeks or months by themselves with no outside feedback – they also see neurotypicals online brag about their systems and progress. This can leave them feeling like they are the only person in the world who experiences the challenges they do. It can make them feel like they’ll never be a real writer. That is why this November I’m hosting the Divergent Novelists coaching group for ADHD writers!

About Divergent Novelists

Quick facts



On this first Monday, you’ll receive a worksheet to help you set your goals for the month November. On Friday, we’ll have a one-hour video call with the group to discuss your goals and get ready for the writing month. 

In Week 2, we’ll work on finding the perfect time and place for you to write. What do you need to have around you to be most productive? Can you find patterns in your mood and behaviour that can help you create a perfect writing schedule? This week’s exercises and group coaching session will help you answer those questions. 

In week 3, we’ll work on ways to manage your focus and energy. As ADHD writers we often go for all or nothing. This works great for short texts, which can be written in short and intense bursts of creativity. But a novel is more like a marathon and therefore requires active management of your energy and focus.  

To stay interested in a big project like a novel, we need change and novelty. In this week’s exercises and meeting we’ll develop ways for you to keep interested in your long-term projects: by making time for change. 

In the last week of November, we’ll start looking at the finish line. Finishing things is often one of the big challenges for an ADHD brain. Endings are scary, change is hard, and we’re often distracted by something else way before the end anyway. This week, therefore, we’ll learn the tools needed to FINISH!

The Divergent Novelist program is designed to help a small group of writers learn how to manage their ADHD brains.

 Program structure

Organized around weekly themes, during the five weeks of the group coaching program we’ll work on managing your ADHD-specific challenges and achieve the November writing goals you’ve set for yourself.

On Monday, you’ll receive the exercise for the week, which we’ll review in the Friday group video call. In addition to your experiences with the exercise, we’ll also talk about any challenges you may have experienced. Together, the coach (me) and the other novelists in the group will help you find a way to tackle these challenges and keep going.

Throughout the week, you have the opportunity to share daily achievements and struggles on the group forum. Here, we will discuss smaller strategies and help you celebrate your daily successes!


The 2022 DN program coincides with National Novel Writing Month: the month when every author takes to the internet to share their writing achievements on a daily basis.

Many authors love the energy and community-feeling of #NaNoWriMo, though they do not follow the exact program: writing a first draft of their 50.000 word novel in 30 days. The Divergent Novelists program, therefore, takes the positive aspects of the online writing community in November but disregards the rest.

You will be expected to check in with your group on a daily basis to share your triumphs and challenges. However, in the first week we will work together to set writing goals that work for you.  

Next steps

Enrolment for this group is now closed. 

If you’d like to schedule a 1-on-1 coaching session with me, use the scheduler below.