book cover of Monsters and the monstrous

Interdisciplinary Essays on Monsters and the Monstrous

From writing the book proposal, to selecting the authors, to writing the front and back matter to editing the index and every chapter in this book: I worked hard in every phase on the road to getting this beautiful book published. It is still my baby and I couldn't be prouder of this amazing volume on how monsters and monstrosity are used the world over for political and social purposes.

    • Book proposal, Editing, Series editor
    • Emerald Publishing LTD
    • Academic, Humanities, Social sciences

When I was first asked to be the book editor for this beautiful volume, I didn’t have to think long. I went to work on the book proposal, instructed and coached the authors, and lay out a timeline. And after the proposal was accepted, I edited every single word in this book – from the introduction and acknowledgments, to the chapters, to the index. And after this level of engagement, this really does feel like my baby. The baby was born two years later, and named, Interdisciplinary Essays on Monsters and the Monstrous: Imagining Monsters to Understand our Socio-Political and Psycho-Emotional Realities.

Not only is the cover of Monsters and the Monstrous gorgeous, its level of detail and excellence are matched in each of the essays that comprise this academic volume. I’m so very proud to have my name on this book’s cover. 

You can find this book on the publisher website and through all major online book sellers.