Timeblocking Worksheet for Writers


Buy this fully customizable Timeblocking Worksheet for Writers to become the most successful author you can be!


Many writers I work with struggle with finding time for their writing. I created this 6-page Timeblocking Worksheet for (aspiring) authors who struggle with the same problem!

  • On the first page, we assess the way you spend your time now. It includes a list of activities you engage in every week with a fully customizable space to enter how many hours you estimate spending on it now.
  • On the second page, we’ll move on to your priorities. List the ten types of activity that you want to prioritize in the order of importance, and write down how many hours per week you’d like to spend on them. There’s also room there to reflect on the disconnect between your current and ideal time-spending.
  • On page 3, 4, and 5, we move on to the timeblocking. Based on your reflections on the first two pages, you can start creating a time-blocked weekly schedule that will help you align your schedule with your priorities.


This timeblocking worksheet in 3 formats:

  1. A fillable PDF: if you have an Adobe Reader or other PDF editor, you’ll be able to work through the sheet without printing it
  2. A printable version in A4 format
  3. A printable version in US Letter format


Buy this now and become the most productive writer you can be!



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