Invent challenge workbook


The 31-day writing challenge in the Invent challenge workbook will help you reinvent your writing practice and become more productive!


The 31-day writing challenge in the Invent challenge workbook will help you reinvent your writing practice.

Most authors have an idea of how a writer should work. They compare themselves to this ideal, instead of thinking productively about what strategies might make THEM a better author.

That is why I designed the Invent writing challenge: as an authoring tool to help you become the most productive writer you can be! By the end of this writing challenge, you’ll have everything you need to achieve your writing success.

The 31 exercises in this writing challenge can be done in less than 30 minutes. They will help you reflect on your writing goals, reinvent your strategies, and make up your own rules!


– Most writing challenges give you prompts for writing inspiration. This challenge, instead, helps you in the long-term: by designing and pursuing your writing success.
– The challenge was designed by a professional writing coach who specializes in planning and mindset exercises. She developed and tested the exercises over the course of years, resulting in great success for the writers she works with.
– The 31-day Invent challenge workbook is divided into 4 weekly challenges. And each weekly challenge has its own theme as well. This way, you don’t have to wait 31 days to see the effects of your hard work.


The full 41-page PDF in US Letter and A4.

This PDF contains:

– A one-page introduction;
– A one-page overview of the weekly and daily themes;
– 4 week-bundles: a cover page for the week, plus a one-page explanation of the day’s exercise for every day in this week;
– Suggestions for next steps;
– An “About me” page.

For more details about the content: see the Table of Contents in the image gallery.


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