Incredible editor and writing coach for newbie authors!

In addition to her professionalism, it became crystal clear to me that she personally wanted this project to succeed. If I had started out with Susanne 7 years ago, we could have shaved 2-3 years off of this process, additionally saving me many (many) thousands of dollars!

A Professional and Supportive Coach & Editor!

Susanne is a consummate professional and the ideal person to turn to for help with a book proposal. She made my book proposal so much better and offered many insightful suggestions. All of which I accepted. She grasps the mindset of a writer so well; it’s as if she understand…

An AMAZING Experience!!!!!!!

Susanne knows what she is doing and does a superior job with the work she produces. She gave me great advice, made helpful suggestions when I needed guidance and she always presented herself in a professional yet kind manner.

Thoroughly recommended!

Her work is of the highest standard and, very importantly, she always managed to deliver on time! I have no hesitation in recommending Susanne and would definitely hire her services again!

Happy customer

I am really happy with the editing / coaching of Susanne regarding my book proposal. She really advised me on all aspects of the proposal and helped me to improve my proposal a lot.

Clear, Concise and Detailed

She captures the nuances of the writing, she suggests changes that keep the tone and voice intact, and she manages to find all the little details that seem to slip past other editors.