Best Proposal writer and editor I’ve ever come across in my journey as author!

I’ve tried many editors and book proposal writers before I came across Susanne. To be honest, I was Skeptical at the beginning which was justified because I wasted so much money but with the first contact, I got feeling that I reached the right place. She amazingly kind, communicative, and analytical. She helped me through my journey of a book proposal and later I also request for the editing of a sample chapter. She has done a hell of a job, and I can simply send that proposal with confidence to even 5 big publishing companies. I would love to work with her again and I would like highly highly highly recommend her. I wish the indie author like should be able to find her in their life there all problem will be solved.
Thank you so much Susanne, you are not only the best professional I found for my project but you are a very kind and supportive person.
Best Regards

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