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Incredible editor and writing coach for newbie authors!

After my disappointing experience with my first editor, I was so lucky and absolutely ecstatic to find such a professional and personable editor in Susanne Schotanus. In my first consultation with her, she relayed industry-specific information that drastically altered the direction of my book in a much-improved fashion (none of which the first, more expensive editor ever mentioned!). It was off to the races after that!

I was thoroughly impressed by her organized presentation of numerous services that I found massively helpful and relieving as a first-time author. In addition to editing, I scheduled regular author coaching sessions that provided thorough answers and specific guidance. When a question fell outside of her particular expertise, Susanne clearly articulated this and offered solid sources to pursue more info. Her session notes (with resources, links, summary, etc.) that she sent after each coaching session ended up being a valuable resource for me to access repeatedly.

In addition to her professionalism, it became crystal clear to me that she personally wanted this project to succeed. If I had started out with Susanne 7 years ago, we could have shaved 2-3 years off of this process, additionally saving me many (many) thousands of dollars! Whatever her current price, her services will save you from wasting effort and money, and more importantly, your personal time (which you cannot get back). Readers can thank her for transforming my absurdly verbose and detailed manuscript into an extremely fluent and less daunting self-help book. While I had specifically requested these goals from my first editor, Susanne delivered! Some day, after recovering from this monstrous project, I will only work with Susanne again. She has made that possibility infinitely less daunting to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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