The next book you write doesn't have to end up in your junk drawer!

Writing Traps: The ADHD Writer’s Map to a Finished Book takes you through all the steps you need to take to finish your book, and helps you avoid the traps that got you stuck before.

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In Writing Traps you'll learn...

To fix your toxic relationship with your writing

Most ADHD writers have developed a toxic relationship with their work, which makes them feel fear, shame, guilt and all the other bad stuff. Writing traps will teach you to fix that.

To treat yourself with compassion

By learning that the traps that keep you from finishing your book are actually ADHD symptoms, you'll start to feel better about yoru progress.

To finish your first draft in record time

By using the tools and strategies in this book, you'll be able to avoid the traps that slow down your progress.

How to stay excited about your writing

We'll manage your inner perfectionist and inner rebel and learn ways to renew your motivation and excitement about your book!

Susanne Schotanus of Passionate Writer Coaching

About the author

M. Susanne Schotanus is an ADHD writing coach who has helped hundreds of authors pursue and achieve their writing goals. Now, she has synthesized her years of experience in a new book, which will help writers with ADHD finally finish the first draft of that book they’ve been dreaming about so long. 

About the book

Avoid the most common traps that get other ADHD writers stuck on their journey to a finished book.
If you’re an ADHD writer, you’ll have a drawer full of unfinished manuscripts. And all of these manuscripts are unfinished, because you fell into one of the 30 traps for ADHD writers! You may have been able to get yourself out of these traps in the past, but often it’s a lot easier to just abandon the project and start with something new.
And that would be absolutely fine, if all ADHD writers wanted to do was write bits and pieces for themselves, and let future generations craft a publication out of these materials. However, in reality, you probably do want to publish your work, preferably during your lifetime. As a consequence, your drawer of unfinished projects make you feel shame, frustration, and disappointment.
But Writing Traps is here to help!
Like many others, this book will take you through the entire journey to finishing the first draft of your book. But unlike other writing books, Writing Traps will identify the 30 most common traps that get ADHD writers stuck. What’s more, it will give you proven strategies and tools to avoid these traps, and to finish your book at a pace that you previously thought impossible!
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Book contents


First, I introduce you to Writing Traps and tell you exactly how to use the book. 

In this chapter, we’ll use your purpose as a framing, motivation and clarification device: What do you want to say, why, and to who?
Create a successful writing environment for yourself and create a writing habit.
Draw from your purpose to create a Table of Contents out of what you want to say.
Stop yourself from spending the rest of your life researching! Start building the structures that will keep you from falling down into the rabbit hole.
You don’t have to do it all at once! Break up the writing process to keep your perfectionist from taking over.
Learn why you run out of steam a few weeks into every project, and how to refresh your motivation so you can keep going.
Make your big project smaller by turning your phases into a task list, and learn tools to manage your task list so it doesn’t get overwhelming.
Learn to organize your life in such a way that you can stay more focused.
In this chapter, we’ll create quantitative goals to keep you from overwriting and aim you towards the finish line.
There are a number of fears that keep ADHD writers from wanting to finish. This chapter will identify these fears and help you assuage them.
The conclusion will help you identify ways to record and celebrate your achievements.

What clients say about me

G.G. Maxwell

When you are lost and confused and that notion of a dream deferred Will not stop playing on a loop in your mind…but you have not done a thing about it… Susanne Schotanus will gently lift the needle off that broken record and softly place it in a direction that allows you the freedom to explore your creative writing and watch it grow with a newfound clarity and perspective guided by the warm presence of this writing coach’s nurturing maternal light.

Lara Osborne

As soon as I talked to her I knew she was “the one”, the right ADHD writing coach to help me move my project forward. She’s become so much more than that, and her wisdom has helped me in every part of my life. In every session there is at least one (and often many) “gold nugget” that is just what I needed. I’ve gotten writing again, made headway on building my own practice, and even made peace with unresolved pain from my ADHD past. When my husband had a business trip to Amsterdam, I got lucky–she happened to be visiting from her adopted home country Italy. We met her at a great funky restaurant she recommended and got to spend the next day together enjoying Van Goghs and other masterpieces at the Kroller Muller Museum in a Dutch national park drinking ginger tea and enjoying the sunshine.

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