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Though I take my clients’ privacy very seriously, I do get incredibly excited about the projects I work on. So in this Stories from the Inbox series, I will tell you a little bit about the amazing projects that cross my desk. This time: the memoir I call “the black police memoir”.

The Black Police memoir

This author found me with a great story to tell, a lot of research and writing under their belt, but only a vague idea of how they could sell their book. Like most of my projects, this started as a book proposal and turned into a lot more. (read: Editing.) The story is this.

The writer not only was a black police officer for decades but worked very hard to address institutional racism in the police force. Their efforts on this topic brought them into the spotlight. And the international recognition of their efforts allowed them to travel all over the world to see the similarities and differences in the experience of racism in law enforcement. Now, they’ve retired. But that does not mean they’ve given up on their battle.

They have decided to spend their retirement writing their memoir. The book is turning out to be amazing. The writer is a great storyteller and an expert on his topic. Their experiences are so varied and engaging that every week I’m looking forward to receiving the new chapter.

How I helped make this memoir better

For the last few months, I’ve helped this author improve the chapters of their black police memoir. We’ve worked on things as exciting as spelling, grammar, structure… But it’s a very luxurious experience for me! Whenever I feel like I’m missing information on something, or I feel curious… All I have to do is ask the author and they will write it for me! There must be a way to get that interactive reading experience elsewhere right?

Well, all jokes aside, of course, I don’t request details just to satisfy my own curiosity. Every suggestion I offer, I make with the aim of improving the book. But the process has been lovely. And the volume has never been more topical or relevant. I really think this book can make a difference. It’s an amazing project and I’m so grateful to have been part of it.

Update: the author has allowed me to share his book with you! Paul Wilson’s very impressive memoir entitled Rocking the Boat has been published by SRL publishing and can be purchased through here

How I can help you perfect your book proposal and manuscript

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