10 coaching sessions

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Kickstart your road to achieving all your writing goals with these 10 writer coaching sessions for ADHD, Academic, Fiction and Nonfiction writers.


In my writer coaching practice, I help people to reach their goals while feeling good.

Together, we will learn about the way your brain works and build habits, strategies and practices around it. Rather than forcing yourself to work the way everyone else works, it’s far more pleasant and effective to work on becoming the best writer YOU can be!

This 10 coaching session package helps you kickstart your writing journey. I will help you remove the blocks on the road to your success and help you build a writing habit.


  • 10 writer coaching sessions
  • 1-hour video calls on Google Meet
  • You’ll receive my notes after each meeting
  • For people with ADHD, Academics, or any other type of author
  • Great to commit yourself to the process or to gift to a struggling writer


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