My brain as an asset

Finding Susanne and working with her as my author/ADHD coach has literally changed my life. Full stop. She challenges me with each of our sessions to embrace my brain and my ADHD as an asset and not something negative that needs to be managed. It’s hard to quantify what that kind of acceptance feels like as an adult who has spent most of my life trying to force my brain to be neurotypical when it’s not.

Embracing my unique brain and creative process has opened up additional exciting avenues for me to explore as an author. Knowing that Susanne is there to help me make sense of it all and share strategies to organize my work/writing schedule, (and life!) gives me that extra push to go for it when I might have otherwise gotten stuck in my head.

As a result of our work together, I can better understand why I am drawn to some tasks over others and plan accordingly. I am learning to value my own time in a different way. I have spent my entire professional career in a work culture that prioritizes intense productivity above all else and uses output as an indicator of personal worth. As a person who struggles with executive functioning skills, that kind of toxicity in my relationship to work and creating has created some really unhealthy habits that are hard to break.

With Susanne’s guidance, I am working on relearning the importance of balance and self-care and actually putting it into action. It’s incredibly freeing to look at my writing projects through this lens. I am learning to organize my thoughts and creative processes/projects in a way that enhances my productivity while still maintaining the joy of creating. When I’m not able to give myself permission to rest or change gears, Susanne is there to remind me why it’s important. As a result, I am legitimately happier with how I’m existing as a creative professional.

I value her input so much and am so grateful for the way she approaches coaching with direct, yet compassionate, communication. I highly, highly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach with a specialization in the intersection between writing and ADHD to help you take the next step in your author/writing/creative journey and reframe how you view your brain. She’s the best! 🙂

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