Susanne has out-beat all other coaches and earned my respect

I decided to work with Susanne because she worked with people who had ADHD and with the array of autoimmune conditions didn’t make focusing any easier for me. At first Susanne gave me the most incredible idea and it totally changed the perspective of my entire book. I loved how she wanted to change it and I couldn’t agree more with it.

She gave me the exact format to follow and it was incredibly synced. Now let me share with you, I’ve worked with many different writers and coaches, Susanne has out-beat all of them and earned my respect. These were writing coaches for Oprah Winfrey and other celebrities but Susanne’s touch and passion in this field are unmatched. I refuse to work with anyone else, really. There were a couple of moments where we had a little friction but that is understandable. She did right by me and I have worked with some honorable writing coaches as well.

However, the way Susanne’s guides you through the process, the ideas she gives you, the questions she asks, and her overall delivery are out of this world to say the least! I’m not drawn to write people reviews but the work I received from where it was at. It was as if she was able to turn the garbage I brought her into a beautiful piece of art – and that type of creativity is a rarity. Thanks so much for being such a gem in my life. I have nothing but a world of respect for you.

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